ScrewTurn Wiki is a web-based tool which helps administrators involved with managing large groups of people to organise them into sub-groups which are balanced, as far as possible, over one or more characteristics. A typical user would be a human resources executive from a large company, who wishes to organise a number of employees into smaller groups - e.g. for a training course - which are reasonably diverse from the point of view of age, gender, background etc. The website also allows you to cluster people together on one or more characteristics - for example, to keep common language speakers together.

With real-world data, it is not always possible for the algorithm to perform a perfect distribution, but you can keep running the sort until you are happy with the outcome. Graphical indicators make it easy to see at a glance how well the sort has performed, and by holding the mouse over the indicator for a particular group on the sort page, it is easy to see the composition of a particular group on a particular characteristic. When you are happy with the outcome, it is possible to produce a printed report displaying the information you require. It is also possible to download the results into a tool such as Microsoft Excel to make final adjustments or reformat the output.

The site itself is extremely easy to use. Just type your information into any spreadsheet tool such as Microsoft Excel and save it as a text file (either tab-delimited or comma separated). Then press the 'browse' button on the front page, select your file and send it to the site. You will then be taken to the next page. Click here for more details of the necessary file format. Each page of the site has has a hint on the left, below which is a link to more detailed documentation.

This site will be of use to anyone involved with managing large groups of people, for example:

  • Teachers
  • Training course organisers
  • Conference managers
  • Human resources professionals
  • People running clubs or similar organisations is still in its infancy and we have plans to enhance its capabilities in the near future. Please feel free to comment on the documentation and contact us with feedback and suggestions for enhancements. You will need to register in order to comment on the documentation. However, registration also allows you to save your data in the website. Otherwise your data will be lost once you close your browser.

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